By receiving this document you have agreed to the terms and conditions in this agreement.

1. Singing lesson policy’s:


a. Singing lessons are sold either in packages agreed upon between the student and vocal coach or  as a monthly subscription which includes 4 lessons per 28 day cycle.


 The ongoing payment date is made 28 days after your initial payment of your first lesson and will continue thereafter in the same sequence. 


b. Lessons must be used within the month they were purchased unless the vocal coach agrees otherwise. 


Lesson packages must be used within the amount of weeks of lessons that have been purchased plus 28  days grace period for unexpected events. 


Example: If 12 lessons are purchased you have 12 weeks plus 2 weeks total of 14 weeks to use your lessons.

c. All lessons are final sale, no refunds.

d. All lessons must be booked out in advance on the same day and time each week or every other week.

2. Social media


a. The student gives the singing coach full permission to record the singing lessons and use the video footage for social media and marketing purposes.


3. Responsibilities of the student:


a. The student must practice/ sing their given objectives between each lesson. The coach is not responsible for the student’s lack of progress due to not practicing. 


b. The student must show up to the sessions on time.


If the student is 15 minutes late for the session without informing the singing coach the lesson will be cancelled and the total amount will be kept.

A make-up session will not be offered for any reason.

c. Must notify their singing coach of any disabilities or physical ailments that may affect their singing or cause injury.

d. Bring a water bottle, 3 ringed lyric binder, a notebook and a pencil to classes.


e. Make sure their Zoom is fully updated before each lesson.

4. Cancellations or rescheduling:

a. 24 hours’ notice must be given to cancel or reschedule a singing lesson.


 If 24 hours’ notice is given the coach will do their best to re-schedule the lesson for another day that same or following week. If no time is available, the full price of the lesson will be withheld, and a makeup lesson will not be offered.


b. If a student plans to leave for an extended period such as a holiday 14 day’s notice must be given to reschedule the sessions.


Makeup lessons will be made in the same week as your current booked lessons. This means you will have 2 classes in one week until the makeup sessions have been used up.


5. Responsibilities of the singing coach:


a.  If your singing coach requires time off for either sick leave or holiday or any other reason, the missed lessons will be made up within the following 4 weeks of the missed period and 2 lessons will be used in one week as a makeup period.

Refunds are not available.


b. The singing coach will begin sessions at their scheduled time, or the singing coach will extend the session to meet the required session time.


I have read and agree to the above terms and conditions:

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